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I just want to say Thank You for your speedy service! Ordered on a Thursday... arrived on Monday! WOW! Not at all what I am used to when dealing with the "Net"

I got your posters, Beef & Pork, Color & B&W and must say, I am impressed. The quality seems to be very good and I expect these will last a long, long time!  And your pricing is spot on. By that I mean... the price you list is the price paid! No hidden charges or fees tacked onto the end price, Not Even SHIPPING! To top that off, you offer a 100% money back guarantee.

(not that I think I will be using this offer) How could a person go wrong in ordering from you??? In my opinion, they just can't! Oh, and just one more little thing, the added note handwritten on the invoice, PERSONAL SERVICE at it's best! I was sure this was a thing of the past, long gone with many other services that I have held so dear. 

Thank you Craig. You are a breath of fresh air in a world gone crazy. 

Keep up the great work!

Lavonna Norris

Hi Craig,
I ordered three knives for my husband for Valentine’s day this year and he’s been so excited about them that I just ordered two of the 5” boning knives and one 8” for a very good friend of ours.  I can’t believe I got an e-mail today saying the knives are on their way after only ordering them this morning!  Thank you so much for the unbelievable turnaround time.  I think we might even have these in time to give to our friend this weekend.  You’re the best!  By the way, my husband hasn’t had to sharpen any of your knives – what quality products.  By this point in time, the Henckle knife would have seen the stone many a time! 
We’ll be Meat Man Customers for Life.
With Appreciation,
  Marcy Sammons
  Craig,  I have never seen such great service. I ordered my product (Pocket Meat Thermometer) on the afternoon of 30 May, and received it on the 1st of June. in Hinesville, Ga. I will be using it on Sunday. I am going to recommend your Company to all of my friends, and my son. Again, thanks for the great service.

I am cleaning out my emails when I noticed this, and I remembered that I owed you some feedback on your videos. 
I’d like to say that you guys did an excellent job!  I was successful in my hunt this past October, and I harvested an elk that was ~500 lbs.  I had viewed the videos before hunting, as I wanted to be able to debone at camp… this keeps me from needing to bring as much ice.  I was able to debone a quarter quickly (for me), it took less than 5 minutes per quarter once I had them skinned and clean.  BTW.. your video on removing quarters was excellent.  I was able to quarter that elk (and debone) with nothing more than a 6” filet knife.
Only problem that I had in the field was keeping my knife sharp enough to get through the hide… especially the neck.  I brought a small field ceramic sharpener with me, but that elk hair is tough.  I need to invest in a better knife for that.  Any suggestions? 
It was a little tricky identifying the different cuts from the hind quarters of that elk, but I got through it just fine.  I turned my kitchen into a butcher shop shortly after the hunt, lining the counter with a blue tarp, butcher paper, and cutting boards.  The majority of the time was taken cleaning all the fat and fascia off of the meat.  Luckily I have two daughters who wanted to help.  We got everything sliced, diced, vacuum bagged and put away without my wife becoming too alarmed, even though my kitchen looked pretty gruesome for a short while!  :-)
I found my receipt from processing of my elk last year (granted, this included making sausage and jerky) but the bill was well over $300.  I still have some grinding and sausage making to do, but your videos gave me the confidence to tackle this myself. 
Thanks again for putting these videos together and for the excellent speed in which they shipped.  You guys rock!
Frank Wirtz
Elk processed with our DVD

I wanted to thank you for your video’s. With them I was able to take my time and process this years deer into wonderful tasty cuts of steaks and stews and other treats. It helps me to appreciate it so much more then just sending it into grind. Thanks again, sincerely, Mike Palmer, Grants Pass, Oregon.
Just wanted to say THANK YOU!!  I don't usually do reviews, but this was one worth writing!  We adopted a dog two months ago and he has a wild personality- as cute as it can be it can also be pretty annoying when you're trying to do things and he's mouthing you while you walk...he already poked a few holes in my nice sweaters just trying to play!  When we put these bones down (we ordered the large smoked beef knuckles for our 20lb mixed breed) and he doesn't even notice we're in the room!  I cooked dinner right in front of him just now and he could care less what food I had- he was just too busy :)  We just put in our second order already and will continue shopping here.  Plus the shipping is extremely fast!!  THANKS again! 
Hey Craig,
I appreciate the refund, and the very prompt reply!  You guys have a solid business going, keep up the good work.  I write for a food and wine blog (though I handle more the food and beer aspect of it), I'm happy to promote your business when I get around to talking about the sausages we make.
Greg B
I have misplaced the smoked sausage DVD I purchased from you last year. I plan to make venison summer sausage and venison sticks this weekend. Does that video have tips on how to stuff the fibrous and collagen casings for summer sausage and venison sticks? 
Craig Janek
Hi Craig,
Yes, it shows how to stuff deer sausage and deer snack sticks.

I will put another one in the mail for you today Craig.

There will no charge.  I will ship it by USPS Priority Mail (instead of by First Class mail that we usually do with our DVD’s) so that you should get it by this weekend Craig.

Good luck with the sausage this weekend and thanks again.  I hope we can continue to be of service to you.

Craig Meyer
Owner - Ask The

Wow, that was not necessary, but thanks. You have a loyal customer for the remainder of my deer hunting/processing years. I've recommended your company to a few friends in the past year and will continue to do so. Thanks again.
Craig Janek
hello! we recently purchased your DVDs about butchering a hog. just this week the weather was finally cold enough on my husband's days off, and we butchered our own 300+ pound hog. neither my husband or i had ever done this before, so we were a little nervous about such a big animal. (we also raise pastured poultry, so we've done lots of butchering of small animals...)
your DVDs were fantastic! they were very informative and  helpful, and we felt very confident about the job that we were doing. we actually put our little portable TV right out where we were working, and would play and pause as we worked right along!
you helped make the job of butchering our pig very manageable, and we are so pleased to have done it ourselves. we surely feel ready to tackle this annual chore at our little homestead, and would quickly recommend your DVDs to anyone interested in butchering themselves!
thanks again!
jennifer caplinger
I must tell you, I love your website.  You give a lot of valuable info, like how to cut the tenderloin.  While we do eat some deer meat, I am not the best of fixing it.  Thanks again for sharing knowledge.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 
Vickie R
You guys are incredible!
We will recommend you in an instant. We have two recipes that we are often asked to share; your specific seasoning (Spicecraft Prime Steak and Beefburger Shake-On Seasoning) is now added to them. We truly believe it is the key ingredient that makes the beef extra tasty.
Thank you for your incredible customer service. You have permission to use my words as testimonial to your excellence.
Pat Heerey
Rhinelander, WI
Tonight I got my second bottle (Spicecraft Prime Steak and Beefburger) in the mail.  Thank you so much!  Just in time for spring to finally hit the Chicago area.  Let the grilling begin!!!
Thanks again.
Craig, I have ordered from you for about 4 years now. But it is time to expand my horizons. I started making Deer Summer Sausage on a Brinkman Smoker, years ago and now how advanced to a 1949 International Refrigerator (all metal) that my Dad and I have converted to a smoker. I have added Snack Sticks two years ago to my menu, and all I have to say so far is KUDOS to you and your website. Your products are as advertised, your instructions are awesome, and your prices can't be beat.
Now enough flattery, LOL.
I have two questions for you?
Today I ordered the Bratwurst Sausage Kit, and also the Bologna Seasoning. I ordered the Seasoning over Lunch Hour, and before I got back to work, I had confirmation that the order was received, packaged, and ready to ship. (fast)
Thank you so much, Craig. i didn't expect you to do had been so long , i should have checked it sooner. Like I said, our pig just got big enough to kill.
Again, thank you. This is what sets your business apart from the rest!
Craig , Thank You . It is service like this that makes customers for life . Again thanks and have a great weekend.
Thanks for your fast reply. I learned a lot from the YouTube videos.
Butchers are a dying breed not much of yall are left. Good luck to you and your business.
Thanks Weldon
Hello Craig
Just a quick note to say I received the replacement DVD's.   They all work fine thank you.   I can't imagine what could have happened to the first ones, maybe the Post Office abused them somehow.   Anyway, I am in good shape and I sure appreciate your quick response in fixing the problem.
I will buying more supplies from you.
Thanks again
Hi Craig,
I recently ordered knives from you and I wanted to thank you on your prompt delivery service. They are exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for your reassuring suggestion on the Forschner boning and breaking knives. I also have a story for you. Last week I ordered some books from a certain website named after a river. I ordered the books on Monday, Dec. 29th. I had to pay $10 and change for 3 day shipping and did not receive the books until the following Monday, Jan 5th. I ordered the knives from you on Wednesday, Dec. 31 (New Year's Eve) with no shipping charges and received them also on Monday, Jan 5th. What I'm getting at, is that I received your product quicker than the products I paid to have shipped. Thanks again for your great service all around and I look forward to doing further business with you. I work at a grocery store meat dept. and I am always sending my customers to your website for information and recipes. Thank you and Happy New Year!
Customer for life,
Tim Roberts
Wow I already received the pork processing DVD in the mail. I bought my husband the beef and pork processing and the DVD for the pork skipped in the middle. I email you and in less then an hour I received an email back telling me a new one was in the mail. Great service and great DVD`s. Thanks again, Jody
My name is Allen Townsend I ordered some DVD's earlier this year and I went to watch my DVD on making deer sausage and snack sticks this weekend and found out that the DVD in the box is actually deer processing and knife sharpening, with I also purchased at the same time. I was wondering if you would send me out the correct DVD. I am really looking forward to making sausage with my deer this year.
Your company has taught me a lot about butchering. I feel you have a GREAT selection for a beginner like me, to the professional. The Video clips really help as well.
Thanks for all you help and great products!
Allen Townsend
Hey there:  I have been watching your videos on youtube and on your website and I am really interested in learning the butchering trade. I find that your videos are not only informative but of the highest quality. The people in the videos are some of the best I have ever seen. The point of this email is to inquire about a special deal on purchasing your DVD's. I am interested in purchasing ALL of your DVD's and I would like to know what kind of deal you might give me. Please note that I am a military veteran trying to learn a new trade! Also note that I intend on purchasing other items from you including cutlery and seasonings. Thanks for anything and everything.
David Thompson
I wanted to let you know that I received the order and the dogs loved the bones. They were even a big hit with my little dog who has always been very picky and uninterested in traditional raw hide bones. I just placed another order that should last me until the end of the month or close to it. I just wanted to tell you that you have a great product and I will be submitting some pics through your site soon.

Once again you came through…..I placed an order last Saturday for seasonings and casings and received them yesterday Monday. Thanks for the great service….Bill Coffman, Sierra Vista, Arizona.

I have ordered your sausage making kits in the past and have appreciated the quality.  In fact, I purchased your sausage making DVD and really learned a lot from it.  Thank you!
Roy Dye
I just purchased the videos on slaughtering and processing beef and wanted to tell you they were incredible! It was my first purchase from you and definitely will not be my last. Thank you for such a descriptive, informative learning tool. I will be ordering the videos on slaughtering and processing hogs shortly.
To my question; I hope you would tell me if it is the norm for beef animals to drop so quickly when shot with the .22 Long rifle (as shown in the video) or was the one in the video a lucky one? I have not yet done this and want to know exactly what to expect. Thank you again.
Mr. Meyer,  That is more than generous and more than what would be expected.  I am a construction worker and several fellows I work with make sausage also not to mention friends I hunt with.  I will make it a point to tell them of your business and web site.  I look forward to doing business with you in the future.
Gratefully yours
Charlie Brennell

Thanks for the quick reply to the defective DVD’S . The three replacements work beautiful and the information is very helpful . I look forward to more business with you . Thanks Craig for great products .             Walt “Woody” Webster

Thanks for the response.  No problem with the delay, I just wanted to make sure that there was not anything wrong with the order from my end and it went through ok.  Thanks again.  My buddy ordered the same knives a few weeks ago and they are incredible.  I am looking forward to doing some home processing this year with some quality equipment.
Thanks Again!

I’ve been hunting and harvesting game since I was old enough to hold a firearm. I have only now just come across your web page and will be buying all of your DVD’s for my son and I.
When I was growing up I pretty much self taught myself in the field but even with your short “YouTube” videos; it’s been amazing just how much I have missed out.
Thank you.  Cheers.  Vaughan, Griffith, Australia

Thanks Craig. The "Witts Sweet Italian Mix" was exactly what my husband remembers. The guys mixed up a batch over the weekend and grilled some
Saturday. We were all thrilled with the taste. AND I don't know how you did it but the order was in our Monday noon Mail.  Thanks again for your help.
Deb Kramar
Hi Craig
We received the replacement Beef Slaughtering DVD about a week ago and would like to thank you for your consideration and prompt action in rectifying the hiccup.
I would like to emphasize that the movie was very clear and descriptive and was a boon to someone who had not gone through the process before. The slaughtering of the steer is now complete and it is hanging in the cool room awaiting our attention in the next few days. Meanwhile, I shall watch your butchering disc a few more times, just to be sure of the next stage to a good steak!!!
Thank you once again for your prompt service and consideration, from both of us here in Northern New South Wales, Australia.
Paul Spooner
I just got my gloves and promptly tried to cut them with an Alaskan Ulu, and a mandolin. The Ulu is the sharpest cutting tool I have ever seen and it went across the gloves as though it were dull! The blade on the mandolin left the glove untouched. It looks as though I can now use these two tools safely. Thank you so much cheers Ruth.
Craig, WOW! This is great personalized service.  I will use your company in the future and recommend you to others as the opportunity arises.  Thanks, Tony
I received knives that I ordered from you to give to my husband for Christmas. We are avid deer hunters and will put them to good use.  They are the greatest!  He will love them.  Thanks for making me look so good!
Paula DeWeese, CPS
Principal's Secretary
Manual High School
Peoria Public Schools
Hello, Craig.  You might remember this communication with my wife re the knife with the nick.  We've been so satisfied with the knife.  After your conscientious response to her concern about the nick on the blade and offering to send a replacement, she was prompted to take the knife to a knife store when we visited a larger city recently.  That proprietor assured us it was a GOOD knife, saying the nick must have come from hitting a bone.  He was so determined that Victorinox not get a bad name that he sharpened it for free.  We feel like we've had a good experience all around on this.  Keep up the good work.
Your integrity and goodwill suggest that we serve the same Master.  May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you, your family and your business.  May your Christmas celebrations hold times of reflection on the amazing event of God becoming man. 
Thank you.
Dan Erickson
    for Linda and me
Hi Craig;  It is a rainy day here in south LA, so I have been watching the videos that you sent to me.  I just thought that I knew something about cleaning and butchering deer!!!  Not to mention that now I have to re-sharpen all of my knives after watching Stan!  There isn't much missed on your websites except a playboy video!  Thanks and you WILL get a good plug in my article---wish that Grovespring, MO (where I'll be hunting) was closer to Jackson, or I would stop in.  Maybe the next time on my way to St. Louis.  Thanks again, bt
Well that was faster than I could have hoped for! You have a tremendous resource and I am excited to get my video. Most of my contemporaries think that meat comes from the store, in little Styrofoam packages, and have no idea what goes into the raising and processing of meat. I grew up in North Dakota where my grandfather ran a small cattle operation so I have some knowledge, but unfortunately I only learned a little about the processing. My grandfather did give me great tips on raising the cattle, though, before he died last July. Now all I need is a farm...
Thanks again for the fast shipping - I'm sure I will be ordering more in the future!
Thank you for your prompt replacement of the VHS tape.
I received our replacement and the other items we ordered today (Sunday) by priority mail (we will be reviewing the tapes and using the casings tonight).
Your information and service has been just as you advertise, and I have been happy with all products received. Keep up the good work. Elsa, Pa Deer Hunter.
Hi Craig,
You are a breath of fresh air! No damn popups or blinking adds or other crap that the web is full of. Easy to order.... especially for a hungry half in the bag person like myself. I wanted to try your selection of things I like and you made it toooooo easy for me. I tried to get some preservative from meat shops near home and got the deer look. Thanks for the service.... need more out there like you.
Dear Mr. Meatman,
I want to say that my Old English Sheepdog Olivia, is the happiest dog in town when the Meatman comes! The bones look so mouthwatering she loves them. And you are the most courteous and honest business man I've ever come across.  We'll be ordering a lot more bones to be sure.
Olivia/Linda Rowan
Naples Florida
Thank you very much!  I actually went ahead and ordered the Mammoth bone before you got back to me.  I was so excited to give them to my dogs, I couldn't wait!  They absolutely love them!  I think I might get the extra large knuckle next time though.  They would probably fit better in my freezer!  Oh, I did have one more quick question.  Is it ok to keep putting the bones in the freezer and then taking them out when I give them to the dogs?  My boyfriend mentioned something about checking to see if that was ok, to keep taking them out and then freezing them again.  I said I was pretty sure that's what you are supposed to do, as you said to keep them stored in the freezer.   Anyway, thank you again for getting back to me and the super fast shipping also!  My dogs love them and I will definitely be ordering from you again!!
I purchased the Deer Processing DVD to process mule deer and found it very educational and easy to follow along. Great job on the DVD!  My question is can you use the Forschner-Victorinox 5 Inch Butcher Knife to process muleys, or will you need BOTH the Forschner-Victorinox 5 Inch Butcher Knife AND the Forschner-Victorinox Fibrox Handle 8 Inch Breaking Knife?  Thanks.
Awesome site!!!!
This is one of the easiest to navigate and most informative sites I have ever looked at!!
Thanks for all your help!
Dear Craig,
We used to buy the large knuckles for our good ol' boy, Max the Airedale. He knew when the box would arrive. Now we have a puppy, just about six months, Honey Bear the Airedale. Terriers sure love to chew, and after the  insoles of all my shoes disappeared, and several choice woven baskets were destroyed, I ordered the first box of knuckles for Honey Bear. I thought, she's only four months, she'll never be able to open her puppy jaw that wide.
Ha! Honey Bear loved the MEAT on those bones. She carried the first knuckle  to her special "corner den" and chewed contentedly. If I could think of what to do with absolutely clean white bones, I'd make garden sculptures out of them. She cleans them bare. But for now, I'm ordering TWO more boxes for her. The are a no-fail distraction for unwanted behavior, and she is showing us that she will be a wonderful Airedale. My feet are more comfortable with insoles! Those bone-sickels (we keep them in the freezer) make us MAGNIFICENT pet owners in her eyes. 
Now, if you can think of a way to keep the Maltese (6 pounds) from trying to steal the knuckles, we shall have peace in the valley at last.
Last Tuesday I placed my order for some Jerky seasoning for myself and some of your smoked knuckle bones for my Lab, Maggie.  My order arrived on Friday, which was amazing!.  Such great service.  I had read from others about how fast you guys are, but was only hoping to have my order by Friday so I could make my jerky over the weekend.  By the way, the jerky turned out great!.  Unfortunately, Maggie though otherwise of your bones.  She has always been a big bone chewer, and what I had done in the past is buy raw bones and then baked them for awhile and then gave them to her.  She would chew on one for 2-3 days.  I think the smoke flavoring of your bones was not to her liking.  The bones won't go unused though, my neighbor has a Doberman and I gave one to her yesterday and she loved it, so I guess Sadie gets the bones now.   If you have any bones that are not smoked, I would like to try those.  Either way, I love your website and all that it has to offer and I am sure I will order other products as I am active in making sausage and jerky for my friends and family.
Wade D. Hansen, CIC
All I can say is WOW! This is the site to help me cook up that venison to perfection...I have been doing pretty good, but can always use fresh ideas!

My husband has processed too many deer for me to remember on my island in the kitchen. This is the best website ever! I have finally found an endless supply of birthday and Christmas presents to get in the future....starting with that knife!

We are even considering processing our own beef too. Thank you for the great info. on this site. WOW!

Who would ever think a website could make a girl so happy!



Dear Craig,
I had heard that you offered exceptional service but I am really touched and amazed by the level of commitment you have for customer service.  I believe that it is a dying art. :)
I appreciate the tips on how to store the puppy chews in the future (freezer) and I'm sure the boys are excited for a new shipment of the puppy chews. 
Once again, thank you for responding to my concerns and taking the time to help me.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Best regards,
Just tried the Witts bbq seasoning…WOW !!!  gooood stuff. cooked 2 slabs on the grill slooww and looowww man what meal. I will be ordering more products from you guys real soon.

Thanks, Rick Hill. Hollywood, MD

Hi, Meatman,
I wasn't looking for "Quick Contact", but this is all I could find. Well, I ordered a double order of your dog bones on Saturday night and I got them this afternoon, Wednesday, 3 business days later, just like you stated.
Holy Moly! My dog, Czarina, is going wild already. Your bones are incredible! You even sent a couple of extras, including a "King Kong" bone that I'm giving to my friend's Airedale. I already gave the 2 Staffordshire Bull Terriers across the street a few bones, too. You're well worth the price for the quality, including shipping. Superb.
You'll definitely be getting more orders from me and my baby. I've attached her picture, if you're interested in another crazy dog owner!
Thank you so much,
Mary George and especially Czarina (a Boxer/PitBull mix)
To Craig Meyer;
         Thank you very much for sorting out delivery of the deer processing DVD which I have now received. I would like to compliment you on a job well done. It is excellent! I am over the moon with it as I will now be able to butcher myself and know exactly what the proper cuts are. Again, my thanks. There is nothing like it available in Ireland. If you wish to add this to your customer satisfaction base, please feel free to do so.
Thank you!  Greetings from Republic of Ireland.
Sean o Connor 
This is awesome web site I already see my Christmas gifts for my self ordering soon thanks a lot

Awesome.  You guys rock!  Great prices and service.

I got my shipment of the Snack Stick Kits.  I just wanted to thank you for the timely manner in which I received the shipment.  I thought you guys handled it very efficiently and professionally.

John Preston
News Director

Thank you very much for promptly filling my order and especially for the extra home size pack of natural hog casings.  That sure was a pleasant surprise!  I had a real hard time finding sausage processing supplies here locally.  I wanted to replace my old hand crank meat grinder and could not even find one of those locally (ended up ordering a new one from plan on smoking about 50 lbs of venison Kielbasa this weekend and with my kitchen all set up once again for sausage processing, I'm sure many of my friends will be wanting to make sausage too . . . so I will definitely keep the bookmark to your site and keep you in mind next time I need supplies.
Thanks again,
I wanted to tell you that I made the summer sausages and meat sticks. I am very impressed! The summer sausages especially. On the meat sticks is there a way to make a spicy recipe and or a savory one like teriyaki? I think I would back off the citric acid next time. But I am very happy all in all!
I used half of each of the meat snack and sausage recipe, so I have enough for 12.5# each. I will be ordering more!
Thank you for the quick shipping. I'm sold on your Witts smoked sausage and AC Leggs snack seasoning. I made 150 lbs. of venison sausage this week end and everyone loved it. You now have me for a permanent customer. Thank you so much!
Jim & Virginia,
Ketchikan, Alaska
Mr. Meyer:  I wish to take this time to say thanks for a great response to my question.  You are truly in a class all your own.
I just wanted to say thanks for having so much useful information on your site. I don't live anywhere near Missouri (I'm in San Francisco) but I come to your site all the time to look up meat recipes and suggestions after I followed your instructions for cooking a round eye roast and for the first time turned a very inexpensive cut of meat into something that tasted like it was much pricier. I've now ordered your meat reference charts (the whole family - i think the deluxe kit is what it's called) and may soon try some of your spice blends. But I just wanted to take a moment to say a big thanks for all the great info.


The only thing I can say about this web site is WOW! The info is endless. I've just recently started looking for this type of info and have visited plenty of similar sites but none measure up to yours. I am hoping to order some of your products soon.

C. Sapark

I wanted to let you know that I received the casings that I was missing and made the sausage. They were a hit and the seasoning was so good!!! I will be sure to get the seasoning kits from you again! Thanks so much!!
Thanks again!
Barbara Dye
Order# 2125119XXXX
Hi Craig,

Terrific website!  Do you have an affiliate program?**

Thank you,
Randy Pryor

Barbecue Secrets Revealed!

**[No, at this time we do not have an affiliate program - Craig Meyer, Ask The Meatman]

Thanks so much for the Mundial Magnetic Knife Holders! I ordered on Tuesday and got them on Thursday. Very impressed and will order from you again!
Kim Peterson
Dear Meatman:
Thank You !! Thank You !! Thank You !! You are AWESOME !!!!!!!
We are the proud parents of 3 Pomeranians, 2 of which happen to be "VORACIOUS" chewers. I have been searching far and wide for an alternative to rawhide. Every pet store, every web site... you name it. These dogs go through rawhide like it's nothing. One of them even has a little weight problem. I'm sure it's due to the rawhide. It can't  be healthy for them to ingest this over time.
No other chewing alternatives seemed to be acceptable to them. Believe me I've tried them all.
A few weeks ago we found some smoked shanks at our local gourmet grocery. "Jackpot" or so I thought. They were a little too big and quite costly. After getting off all the good crunchy stuff on the outside, (and they couldn't get to the marrow in the middle, only at each end)  they lost their interest. The little mouths couldn't get around the big ole thing to work on chewing at it further. And after about breaking my toe a few times walking through the house.... I continued my search.
I was very impressed by your website. The "No Shipping Cost" caught my eye and I decided to give it a shot. 
I bought the "Hickory Smoked Puppy Chews", since the dogs are all under 7 pounds this worked out to be a very good choice for me. They went crazy over them.  When I arrive home from work and let them out of the kitchen they run straight for the last place they saw their chew. And three days later they are still working on the same chewies. They can get there jaws around them to chew and carry. It's hysterical to watch.
Our local gourmet grocery can't compete with you guys.  The only teeny, weeny drawback is that now my beautiful fluffy lap dogs smell like "Hickory Smoked" lap dogs. LOLOLOL --- I don't even care....They smell like my husband after he has been outside smoking ribs.
I was totally impressed with the delivery. To place an order on Wednesday afternoon and they arrived on Monday around noon. Who can beat that with no shipping cost added to my order? I was more excited to see these in the mail so soon then anything in a long time. And also the personal note included on my invoice from Craig was priceless. I had just about lost all hope in good old fashion service with a smile.
Thanks so much once again.
Your customers for life....
Suzanne and Patrick Ofenloch
Dear Mr. Craig Meyer,
Wow! Thanks for the amazing deal and quality on the large beef knuckle bones. When I opened the package the bones smelled so good, my husband wanted to try them, let alone our dog. Thank you for a great product and fast delivery. We will be ordering from you again and again!
best wishes,
Jennifer Wong
Dear Mr. Meyer,
I am writing to you regarding my order for pork sausage seasoning. order #XXXXXXX. I can't thank you enough. The order came in today's mail!! I don't know how you managed to do it so quickly, but I truly appreciate it. Thank You.
Thomas F. Lanphear Sr.
Dear Craig,
I wanted to let ya’ll know our 1 year old chocolate lab LOVES the smoked knuckle bones.  He has been chewing one since I opened the box an hour ago!  I am so happy I found this site!  These are so much better quality than what I have ordered from other sites & you’re a lot more reasonable with your prices as well.  I’ll be telling all of my friends & fellow dog lovers.
Lisa Kirby     Houston, TX
Hi this is Rosann again,
I had called you last week about curing my bacon sides. I was bring to Myrtle Beach to smoke. Well, I wanted to let you know how they turned out. They were great. They cured for 5 days not the 10 days that should of been. We cooked them a little higher heat. They taste so good, nice and pink. I'll tell you that home raised pork and home made bacon, by far is better than anything you can buy from the store. I want to thank you for taking the time to talk to me on the phone and giving me some tips. on how to make the bacon. I will recommend your company and products to my friends. I will be ordering from you in the near future.
Thanks for being so kind to me.
Just want to commend you on you web site. It was extremely helpful with useful information and more that I can use as comparison for best practice. Never thought the Web could be this exciting until I came across your web site.  WELL DONE!
Silbert Bryan
Just received my one pkg of jerky seasoning. Thanks for the prompt service! I plan to mix it with lean ground beef and quirt it onto the racks of my Nesco jerky maker. Yes, I'm a rookie. Anyway, we eat a lot of it on our trail rides in the wilderness. I wondered why you all prefer strips of meat instead of ground. If this turns out good, you'll have a faithful customer. I live on jerky!

Memphis, TN


Dan Brehm

I'm sorry.  It (my order) was delivered out back and wasn't seen!  LOL. 
It was for my parents.  They are PLEASED to receive it and have already used it.
Many thanks, a customer for life!

Denise Knowles

Not really a question but more of a comment.  Your web site is the greatest site for laymen bbq'ers.  Please keep your web site free and I'll be sure to tell everyone I can about it.  You may use my name in your ads for this web site "".

Cam Brackenbury

Good Morning Craig.

I’m not too sure you will remember me, but about a month ago I bought the kielbasa sausage kit from your company. You were very kind in answering a ton of questions I had for you after I made the purchase.

I thought you’d like to know that I have been very successful in making the sausages. And they have won praise after praise from my family! I can not thank you and your company enough. What a total success story my online purchase and support has been.

You will definitely being hearing more from me in the future! [Not too sure if that is a good thing!]

Thank you so much for your patience and help.

Melissa Williams
Wow!  Thank you soooo much for the super fast shipping!  I can't LIVE WITHOUT the Prime Steak and Beefburger Seasoning!  I'm so glad I found your company so I can order it through you!  Great Customer Service!!!! 
Thanks again! 
Cheri Wallace
BTW, our 19 month old Doberman, Willie, LOVES the bones and chews.  And I'm not just saying that.  It was obvious as soon as I opened the box that your goodies are top quality.  The intensity and focus of his chewing proves it!  He's a happy boy!  I've bought some other bones off of EBay and elsewhere and you would be dumbfounded with what they sell.  Charred, not smoked bones.  Ribs.  etc.  Not healthy AND dangerous. 
Again, thanks.  I will order again but next time I'll try harder to get it right! 
Mr. Craig Meyer,
Thank you for such prompt service.  It was truly a wonderful surprised to receive our sausage seasoning today!
We're so pleased with your wonderful service, we've even shared your ordering information (invoice) with our friends. 
You've got our business forever!
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Ventling
Hey Craig,
Thanks for the "Extra Large Knuckle Bones" you sent a few weeks ago.  Now I need a bigger freezer!  He loved them, especially with all the crappy weather we have had (CT)...He flips for these and smells the box when they deliver.  Have gotten 3 other people in the area to order - Highly recommended, especially when you have that shipping special.
Bob Evans
Thank you for promptly getting the snack stick seasoning in the mail.  Also, I enjoy your web site.  It has a lot of good information.  Thanks
Barry Carter
Thanks for helping us out on such a short notice for the meat charts and information.  These will be very valuable tools in teaching different cuts of meats to the people in Sierra Leone.
Pastor Larry Beauregard
You guys are INCREDIBLY FAST!! I wish everybody shipped as fast as you guys. I am an internet merchant myself, so I can appreciate what it takes to be efficient.
Thanks again,
 Just wanted you to know I really liked your website. I thought I knew a lot about meat, but I learned a lot this evening!  Great Website!

Marie in Ocala, Florida

Thanks so much. I contacted Newly Weds Foods, (sounds like a bridal shop) and
they not only have Chicago offices and warehouses, and a distributor in my very village of Skokie, Il, who supplies a neighborhood butchershop not 6 blocks from my home, with the very (seasoning) rub I've been searching for, in 10 oz. jars, the original Smokehouse Chicken Seasoning under their new name of Spicecraft, which is a big mistake because Witt's name on something is like gold. 

I appreciate your nice note and all the trouble you apparently were willing
to go through just to get me a small jar of my old, beloved seasoning. Now,
that's what I call great customer S-E-R-V-I-C-E. in every sense of the word.
Or could it be that you're just a nice guy, Craig. It's no wonder you are a

Thanx so much for all of your trouble and for steering me right!


I recommend your website all the time.  My dogs love those bones, and you're always a pleasure to deal with.  I have to admit, the name of your website always gets smiles!
Anyway, this time around, how about I snatch up those 38 shanks (cut to 5-6" lengths, if that's doable) and 2 dozen knuckles?  Just let me know where to pay and how much. 

Thank you, Craig!!


Thank you Craig (for your quick answer). Am giving your site address to all my Buddies.


Yes Craig, I did receive the knives and posters and am very pleased with your generosity.   I was away for a while is why I am so slow in responding  Thanks


Hi Craig
Yes I did receive the meat charts and I will be sending out a check for balance on Tuesday.   We do our own butchering here on the farm and they will come in handy thank you much
Laura Janczewski
Please order 28 charts for me and could you just email me to confirm the final cost. You've probably been wondering what I want with so many charts.
Well we are a family owned group of many charts. Well we are a family owned group of retail and grocery stores in Jamaica. Twenty three at last count. All
of them are still family owned. (We are a pretty large family...8 boys, 1 girl (me). Started by my parents who have since retired and left the business with
the kids. I'm trying to get my hands on some info to send you and as soon as
I do I'll mail it to you. If in the future you have any other info relating to meat, could you email and let me know please, I would sincerely appreciate it.


Hi Craig, did you get my check? Great kit! I was just wondering how to get the E-Cookbooks. Did I miss something?


I am looking forward to getting my charts. I got on the internet here at work yesterday to see what cuts of meat there were and that is how I saw the charts.
Thank you for all the info and if I have a questions I will not hesitate to ask.
I think it will be a trial and error learning experience. The man we are getting the hog from gave me a ladies name at the locker he is taking it to and said she will be more than happy to walk me through it, so I am sure it will be fine. The charts will help with the beef since we don't have it yet. Thanks again


Dear Craig Meyer,
I just wanted say Thanks so much.  I received the 5 Notebook Meat Charts today, Sept.  27,  2002.
Have a great forever and good health to you.
Thanks Again,
Kay F. Richards
Craig, the charts arrived yesterday. Very useful! I'm glad I stumbled across them.
Many thanks for the excellent personal service.

Best regards...Cathy
Yes the sawdust arrived in good shape and we tried it out this weekend.  It worked very good.  Just wish postage was not so high.  Thank you


Is the Angus Beef Chart, notebook size, available electronically?

I'm putting together a presentation on traditional the deli meats that come from brisket and want to show where on the cow they come from.  However, I'm under a very tight deadline and don't have the luxury of waiting for shipping.  I like this diagram - it's better suited for this presentation than the ones we use in our curriculum.

Please let me know at your earliest convenience.  Any assistance or direction you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,
 Mary Caldwell
Marketing Manager
The French Culinary Institute


Thanks again!  By the way, I got a big kick out of the custom labels you put on the bones.  I've already recommended you to some friends.

Kate Connick
I checked the Newly Weds and Spicecraft sights, but did not come up with any information on how to order their products.  I am specifically interested in obtaining their sausage seasonings.  Any additional information you can provide will be appreciated.
I have found your site to be very informative.  I am a "do it yourself butcher and sausage maker" and the information that you have made available is very helpful.  I refer to it often and will make use of some of it this winter, especially during deer season.
Thanks again for the help.
Robert L. Westgate
Hi Craig,

I'm eagerly awaiting the charts, and will give some away to meat-eating/cooking friends. Nowadays,
it's hard to locate this type of resource. You're providing a great service!

I love them!!! (5 Notebook Size Meat Charts). They are just great. I've put a check into the mail to you today. Sorry for the delay.
Thanks again,


I would like the 5 notebook size posters of beef and pork cuts. I am currently learning to become
a butcher and would find these charts quite valuable to my learning process. I will forward a check
to your location after I receive conformation that these charts are still available.

Thank you, Joyce Kuske

hi Craig,
we received the shank bones for our akita today-he is one very happy dog-
the product is terrific-better than anything we have purchased before-
samurai our dog is so busy hiding the bone that he has not had the time to enjoy it yet-but my wife and I are thrilled to see him so happy-
The check will go out Monday as today is Saturday-

susan/peter katy

Thanks Craig, the knives came while I was on vacation, and they are great.  Thanks for sending them. My vacations always end so quick- Thanks again for answering my questions and for the knives.

Michael Raymond

Thank your for responding, your information is greatly appreciated and will surely be of great help.  If ever I can not find Morton's' Tender Quick I will be sure to order the curing Salt from the Meatman...

     Thanks Again,

Hi Craig,
I got the hank of casings and I was very happy with what I got.
Your service is great. so I will definitely order from You again!
Thank You!
Dan Mihailovici

You are very welcome and THANKS A BUNCH for the VERY GOOD customer service.
It's very much appreciated. More power to your business !


Charts are very good ...... very helpful!!

Warren Folwark

Sorry I haven't gotten back to you. I have been out of the office. My lab absolutely loves them and I have already turned a few people onto your website- So I'm sure that you will be getting some more request from the CT area.
 I might even become your New England sales rep.

Thanks again.

Bob Evans

Hi.  I wanted to thank you for the quick shipment and the great pork/beef charts in your special package of charts and info.  The only criticism I have is that the one beef chart, I think it was the fourth page, was not legible; it looked like it had been photocopied once too often.  However, the information in that section was valuable so I did not return it.
Thanks for a great has educated my sister and me quite well.
Happy New Year!
Cassie L. Damewood
Adept Enterprises


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