Jackson Frozen Food Locker & Ask The Meatman's' History

This is Jackson Frozen Food Locker - the physical location of Ask The Meatman.com

Our Meat Process Plant - Founded in 1949
Jackson Frozen Food Lockers
400 South High Street
Jackson, MO  63755
Where We Are Located

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Craig Meyer  Plant Manager

Craig Meyer (The Meatman)

Owner of Ask The Meatman.com
and Jackson Frozen Food Locker.

Began work at Jackson Frozen Food Locker
in the late 1960's.
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Carlton Meyer  Owner  Picture Taken 1949

Former Owner Carlton "Cotton" Meyer.  Craig's Father
Was Plant Manager when business was started in 1949.
Bought the Jackson Frozen Food Locker in 1972. 

We're sorry to announce that Cotton passed away on January 28, 2005.  He was still working at "The Locker" until 10 days before his death.  He was 86 years old.


Newspaper story on opening of Jackson Frozen Food Locker in 1949. 
Newspaper article from Jackson Cashbook-Journal about our 50th
year anniversary.

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A Brief History of Jackson Frozen Food Locker
and Ask The Meatman.com

In 1949, William Daniels, with Carlton Meyer as the General Manager, founded Jackson Frozen Food Locker at 400 South High Street.  Mr. Daniels also owned and operated the Cape Frozen Foods business on Broadway in Cape Girardeau until its’ closing in the 1970’s.

The Lockers’ main business is custom processing of locally raised beef and hogs.  In the 1960’s the business attempted to put a slaughterhouse in the basement of the building, but the City Council voted against allowing it, due to concerns of “the smell”.

In 1972, Carlton purchased the Locker from Mr. Daniels.

Beginning in the late 1970’s, Charles Meyer, Carlton’s oldest son, began managing the business.  He continued in this position until 1993.

In 1993, Carlton’s youngest son, Craig, began managing the business.

Over the years, almost all members of the family have worked at the Locker in some capacity

In the 1970’s, deer hunting became more prominent in the area, and the Locker offered deer processing.  Since that time, the Locker has processed over 9000 deer and made over 150,000 lbs. of Deer Sausage.  The Locker is the oldest meat processing plant still operating in Cape Girardeau County.

The Locker has offered many different services over the years.

Until 1993, locker rental was quite popular.  At one time, over 400 freezer lockers were rented, each holding 200 lbs. of meat and vegetables.  It was common to have a waiting list of months to obtain a locker

Up until the early 1970’s, the local student enjoyed stopping by the Locker to purchase different ice cream and soda products that were offered.

The Locker also sold tons of frozen fruits each August up until the late 1980’s when the demand for wholesale frozen fruits diminished.  Each August a fully loaded tractor trailer unloaded its’ fruits at the Locker.

Things have changed over the years at the Locker.

The Locker began offering slaughtering on the farm in 1997.

In 1997 the Locker began retail selling of their own beef summer sausage, and in 1998 began sell their own beef jerky.

In 2000, they put up their website, Ask The Meatman.com, and began advertising and selling over the Internet.

It's now 2012 and the Locker is still in business and looking forward to finding new ways to serve customers in  the local area and across the United States!

Jackson Frozen Food Locker - Ask The Meatman's Business Since 1949 

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