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Customer Reviews

Cut Resistant Gloves - Meat Cutter's Gloves

Polar Bear PawGard Cut Resistant Glove -
1 Glove WAS $24.95 - NOW ONLY $19.95 -
2 Gloves Were $39.90 - NOW ONLY $35.90!

Shipped FREE in the U.S. - Same Day Shipping on orders received before Noon CST

  Butchers Glove for Cut Protection

Above is a Video demonstrating the use of our previous Cut Resistant Glove. These were CR Level 4 and they worked great.  Our new Polar Bear Gloves are CR Level 5 - the highest rating possible!
If you're not sure about how well cut resistant gloves work - watch this video!

Cut Resistant Glove Holding Forschner 8 Inch Breaking Knife
Cut Resistant Gloves - The Meat Cutters' Secret!
Polar Bear
®  PawGard Cut Resistant Gloves.

These Meat Cutter Gloves provide exceptional protection
from cuts and abrasions.

Cut Resistant Gloves prevent accidents when using a knife.

Comfortable.  Fits either hand. No seams to irritate hands. 

Polar Bear PawGard Gloves are the Best Value Cut Resistant Glove!

This a sized glove. View our sizing chart below to get the perfect fit. You may notice a lot of cut resistant gloves are sold as one size fits all.  Baloney.  That's like buying a pair of shoes that one size fits all!

Diagram for how to measure your hand to find the correct glove sizeWhat Size Glove Should You Order?
This is very important, because a glove that is either too tight or too loose can be both uncomfortable and hazardous.


To find the proper size glove for you, simply measure the widest part of your hand , starting
above the thumb and measuring across the palm and around the back of your hand.


The size in inches corresponds to the size of the glove.


Diagram to the left shows where to place the measuring tape. A cloth measuring tape works the best for this measurement.

Example: If your hand measures 8 inches, then you would wear a size 8 glove - which would mean either a Small or Medium glove. If your hand measured 7¾ inches, then you should choose a Medium glove. (Always go up a size if the measurement is over
½ or over.  Example:  Your hand measures
9½ - choose the Large size glove.)


Small Size Glove - Hand Measures 7 to 8 Inches.                                                                          Medium Size Glove - Hand Measures 8 to 9 Inches. 
Large Size Glove - Hand Measures 9 to 10 Inches.                                                                Extra Large Size Glove - Hand Measures 10 to 11 Inches.

ASTIM-ISEA Level 5 cut-resistance, the highest in the ASTIM-ISEA.


Gloves are rated under the ISO 13997 standard and designated with a number between 0 and 5 to indicate cut resistance.
   The least resistant gloves are designated by the number 0, while the most resilient gloves are labeled with a 5.

StandardTuff-cuff™ II technology dramatically reduces cuff blowout from multiple laundering in bleach. 
   These are 10 Gauge Gloves!

Will fit Left or Right Hand (Available in sizes Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.


Whether you are a hasty Meatcutter, you have shaky hands or poor depth perception, 
   these gloves are a must for preventing accidents!


Help prevent cuts when using a Mandolin.


Machine washable.  Bleaching and hot-air drying won't effect cut resistance or comfort.  Shrink-resistant.


Now you can have the same protection that professional meat cutters have been using for years!

These gloves are constructed of multiple strands of Dyneema® and encapsulated stainless steel fibers!


They are Extremely lightweight! Large Glove Weighs 1.7 oz., Medium Weighs 1.5 oz. & Small Weighs 1.3 oz.


Less fatigue than when you use Metal Mesh Cut Resistant Gloves! 


Gloves are color coded by size to help in putting on the correct glove if you have more than 2 sizes of gloves!

   Red Cuff - Small.  Yellow Cuff - Medium.  Blue - Large.  Black - Extra Large 


Use the Cut Resistant Glove to protect your hands when cutting meat, filleting fish, chopping fruits and vegetables,
   handling sharp metal, using an Exacto Knife or working with broken glass.


Also ideal for sheet metal, pipe work and automotive assembly.  Also great for use while scuba diving.



BUT Please Use Caution - NO Glove Will Prevent All Cuts! These gloves are NOT puncture or point resistant!  Do not use with moving or serrated blades.

Metal Mesh Cut Resistant Glove - The Ultimate Meat Cutter GloveNiroflex2000® All Stainless Steel
Metal Mesh Cut Resistant Glove

1 Glove for ONLY $135.00

Shipped FREE in the U.S.  Available in Small, Medium and Large Sizes
                         *The Niroflex2000® Metal Mesh Glove Will Take 7 to 14 days to be delivered*
We Accept Orders By Phone With Credit/Debit Cards

Our Phone Orders Are Accepted 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m (Pacific Standard Time) Monday through Friday.
To place your order by telephone call : 573-837-7651
Hand Size - 7 to 8 Inches - Small Glove
Red Cuff

Small Polar Bear PawGard Cut Resistant Glove - Click on the Photo to Enlarge
Hand Size - 8 to 9 Inches  Medium Glove
Yellow Cuff

Medium Polar Bear PawGard Cut Resistant Glove -  Click on the Photo to Enlarge
Hand Size - 9 to 10 Inches - Large Glove
Blue Cuff

Large Polar Bear PawGard Cut Resistant Glove -  Click on the Photo to Enlarge
Hand Size - 10 to 11 Inches - Extra Large Glove
Black Cuff

Extra Large Polar Bear PawGard Cut Resistant Glove
Cut Your Hand Again? Don't Grab The Band-Aids. Grab One Of Our Cut Resistant Gloves!
Victorinox 5 Inch Boning Knife and Ansell Cut Resistant Glove

Purchase One Ansell Cut-Resistant Glove in Any Size
 and One 5-Inch Victorinox Boning Knife
for ONLY $39.97! 

Shipped FREE in the U.S.!

Just choose the Glove Size you need in the box to the right and then Click the "Add To Cart" button.
3 Victorinox Knives and 1 Ansell Cut Resistant Glove
Purchase our Victorinox 5 Inch Boning Knife, 8 Inch Breaking Knife, 6 Inch Skinning Knife AND Any Size
Ansell Cut Resistant Glove for ONLY $109.97.
Shipped FREE in the U.S.!

Just choose the Glove Size you need in the box to the right and then Click the "Add To Cart" button.
What Our Customers Say
Kay Rouse  I had a question about the product that I needed before I placed my order so I did a l I very chat with Craig who was very helpful and answered all my questions. This made me feel much better about placing my order. I am very impressed with the great customer service and would definitely rec c omen you guys to all my friends.
15 Apr 2014
5 stars


Thanks - You guys are INCREDIBLY FAST!! I wish everybody shipped as fast as you guys. I am an internet merchant myself, so I can appreciate what it takes to be efficient.
Thanks again,
Just wanted you to know I really liked your website. I thought I knew a lot about meat, but I learned a lot this evening!  Great Website!
Marie in Ocala, Florida
You are very welcome and THANKS A BUNCH for the VERY GOOD customer service. It's very much appreciated. More power to your business !
Thanks for following up on my order. The Document-Publishing-Copy Center is one of the divisions of Media Services of the City of Sioux Falls. We produce, print, and laminate many types of documents, including posters and banners. We use Exacto knives when trimming and cutting paper, laminating film, and foam core. In the past, we’ve had many small cuts (and some not so small) on our fingers and hands. We will be using this glove to protect our hand while trimming. I’ve ordered a glove for each staff person that will be doing this type of work.
Thanks again!
I just got my gloves and promptly tried to cut them with an Alaskan Ulu, and a mandolin. The Ulu is the sharpest cutting tool I have ever seen and it went across the gloves as though it were dull! The blade on the mandolin left the glove untouched. It looks as though I can now use these two tools safely. Thank you so much cheers Ruth.
Metal Mesh Cut Resistant Glove - The Ultimate Meat Cutter Glove
Niroflex2000® All Stainless Steel Metal Mesh Glove
For those who will be using a knife quite often and want the BEST protection available!
$135.00 - Shipped FREE in the U.S.

*The Niroflex2000® Metal Mesh Glove Will Take 7 to 14 days to be delivered*

  • The links on a Niroflex2000 glove link over and under to at least four adjacent rings, making them stronger, safer and more secure than other mesh gloves — even at the seams!
  • Stainless steel links, link over and under at least four adjacent rings, making them stronger and safer - even at the seams.
  • 100% stainless steel — no more nylon strap repairs!
  • No springs are used, so glove is totally adjustable for any worker.
  • Easy to clean — just use the same process used to clean your knives.
  • Ambidextrous glove can be turned inside out to fit either hand.
  • Available in Large, Medium and Small Size
  • The only USDA accepted metal mesh glove.

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