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25 Inch Commercial Meat Hand Saw

Butcher Saw. 25 Inch.  KASCO

KASCO SharpTech KAM-LOK® 25 Inch Meat Handsaw
ONLY $99.93 and Comes With Extra Blade at NO Cost

AND As Always - Shipped FREE in the U.S.!

Don't be fooled by "cheap" meat handsaws!
KASCO SharpTech is THE brand used by most professional meat cutters!

They may cost more than the CHEAP Weston Meat Butchersaw,
but the KASCO Meat Handsaw will last for decades -
NOT just days like the Cheap Handsaws! 

Replacement 25 InchMeat Handsaw Blades
ONLY $22.97 For 2 Blades - Shipped FREE in the U.S.!

KASCO SharpTech KAM-LOK®  25 Inch Meat Handsaw.  (Formerly the company was named Atlanta SharpTech)
*They have changed the company name - but the saw is still the same high quality. The only thing that changed is the company name.*


If you are planning to process a beef or hog, you definitely need this 25 inch meat handsaw. 

Pick up our handsaw and hold it in the cutting position.  Instantly, you sense that this is the finest cutting instrument of it's kind you've ever held in your hand.

 Here's why:

•KASCO SharpTech Kam-Lok professional butcher saws have been hand-crafted since 1909 using the finest materials available. They start with high quality stainless steel bar stock, then precision cut, shape and form it into the butcher saw frame. Holes are drilled and the frame is then manually buffed and polished to a reflective finish.

•Every Kam-Lok lever is individually formed and adjusted before attaching to its frame. The high strength polymer handle is then attached. A quality KASCO SharpTech blade is then installed and the

Butcher Saw is ready for final inspection, packaging and delivery. Don't settle for less than a Kam-Lok butcher's hand saw... the quality standard for more than 100 years!


•The precision alignment from grip to tip makes the most exacting cuts smooth, clean and effortless.


•Pistol-Grip Handle - Your hand wraps firmly, comfortably, naturally around the contours of the pistol-grip handle.


•The handle is made of non-porous, virtually indestructible SOLID polymer that repels meat acids, stains and bacteria. All Kam-Lok saws clean quickly and easily for a more sanitary operation.


•The SOLID plastic handle WILL NOT crack and break like the cheaper Weston brand meat handsaws!

•Alignment - You note the precision alignment from grip to tip that makes the most exacting cuts smooth, clean and effortless.


•Kam-Lok Lever - With a flip of the wrist you unlock the "Flip-lock" lever, switch blades, and re-lock the lever that always maintains just the right amount of blade tension automatically.

•Blades - The blades are superbly engineered and precision manufactured to assure that they meet the same high standards as the frame. Only the hardest spring tempered steel available is used.
Teeth are precision ground for maximum sharpness and the set is controlled to exact tolerances for fast, easy cutting. The thin slot of the frame keeps the blade rigid and stable, insuring straight cuts.


•Replacement blades available from Ask The Meatman at a VERY affordable price!  (We will NOT gouge you like razor manufacturers - where the blades cost more than the holder!!)


•Blade measures 25 inches from pin to pin. 10 Teeth Per Inch.   Your KASCO SharpTech 25 Inch Meat Hand Saw will arrive with 1 blade installed - PLUS 1 Extra Blade FREE!


This is the EXACT same meat handsaw that we use here at our Meat Processing Plant - Jackson Frozen Food Locker.


If you are planning to process Beefs or Hogs - you Definitely NEED this Meat Handsaw!


Overall Dimensions:  31¼ Inches Long X 6¾ High.  UPC:  721762841662

Meat Handsaw

We have been using  KASCO SharpTech (formerly Atlanta SharpTech) 25 Inch Meat Handsaws for the last 33 years!

    As matter of fact, we've been using the SAME SharpTech meat hand saw since 1983! We've used this same handsaw cutting over 1,188 beefs,
938 hogs and OVER 6,700 deer! So this Handsaw should last you a lifetime!

    We have tried some of the other cheap meat handsaws in the past.  None have compared to the KASCO SharpTech (Atlanta SharpTech)Meat Handsaw.

    One major problem with the cheap meat handsaws is that the blades are off by a few mm in length.  This lets the blade twist and turn while cutting. PLUS, the blades are of low quality and dull VERY quickly.  Stick with KASCO meat handsaws and you will have a meat handsaw that will last for DECADES!   AND each blade will easily last cutting up 50 deer!  Or cut up 20 beefs!  Or cut up 40 hogs!

    ALSO - most of the other meat handsaws you can find on the Web have handles that our hollow. The KASCO Meat Hand Saw handle is made of SOLID non-porous, virtually indestructible plastic!  If you drop the Atlanta-SharpTech meat handsaw - it will NOT shatter. 

    The "cheap" handsaw can (and usually will) shatter when dropped on a hard surface. (I know this personally because I tried one of the unbelievable low priced handsaws - the handle completely shattered when I dropped from waist level on to our concrete dock!)

25 Inch Long Professional Butcher Saw by KASCO

Don't just take Our Professional word that the KASCO KAM-LOK SharpTech Meat Hand Saw is used
by most Meat Processing Plant butchers.

Watch this video on YouTube from Bon Appétit on how to process a side of beef in to all the retail cuts from
Master Butcher Jason Yang.  Go to 8 minutes and 17 seconds into the video and notice the KASCO Jason is using.

Need a 2nd "opinion"?  Watch the YouTube video about
"Beef Retail Fabrication" produced by the

KASCO (Formerly Atlanta-SharpTech) Professional 25 Inch Meat Cutters Handsaw

Place your order for the KASCO 25 Inch Meat Handsaw for ONLY $99.93
 by clicking the "Add To Cart" Button to the right

We Offer A 100% Money Back Guarantee on EVERYTHING We Sell!

2 - 25 Inch Meat Handsaw Blades - Click on the Photo to enlargeWhen you need to order more 25 Inch Meat Handsaw blades, they are ONLY $22.97 for 2 Blades - Shipped FREE!
 These blade fits the KASCO 25 Inch Meat Handsaw above.


REMINDER:  When you clean your meat handsaw and put the blade back in the frame, remember to place the blade with the teeth facing forward. 
The teeth should face forward from the handle. It is the exact opposite of a wood handsaw.  The blades are not stainless steel - they are tempered steel blades.

Place your order for Two 25 Inch Meat Handsaw Blades for ONLY $22.97  by clicking the "Add To Cart" Button to the right

Have questions about ordering from Ask The Meatman? Read our Ordering Guide by clicking here!

25 Inch KASCO Meat Hand Saw, 1 Victorinox 5 Inch Boning Knife and 1 Victorinox 8 Inch Breaking Knife

Meat Cutter Kit with the KASCO
 SharpTech 25 Inch Meat Handsaw



Victorinox  5 Inch Boning Knife, Victorinox 8 Inch Breaking Knife and the 25 Inch KASCO SharpTech Meat Hand Saw for NOW ONLY $149.97!  (WAS $164.95). 
This kit contains the MOST needed items for processing your own Beef, Deer or Hog at home!


We are NOT JUST a Retail Home Butcher Supply Store!

We ACTUALLY Process Beefs, Hogs and Deer.

We Have Since 1949!
And we continue to do so today.


You may want to check out other Home Butcher Supply Web stores and see if they actually use the products that they sell in "Their" Meat Processing Plant (that is, if they have one!).


 Find out more of what makes Ask The a Unique Home Meat Processing Supplier, and Why You Should Shop Here!!

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