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Please take some time and visit some of our links.  We take pride in offering these informative and useful web site to you.  Each link is on our own favorites list.  We have compiled these links over the last two years, and we continue to add to the list when we find other useful sites.
All links are verified weekly.  If you would like to add a link that you think would be beneficial to our readers, please e-mail us.  We will view the web site and add the link if we feel it is appropriate to our web site.
We have categorized the links by topic to make finding the web site links easier for you.  You will also find these links on our web pages that correspond to that topic.

Steak and Prime Beef Online Store
Malone's is your source for USDA Prime beef steaks such as Sirloin Steaks, New York Strip Steaks, Ribeye Steaks, Porterhouse Steaks and Filet Mignon!

Each Malone's steak is aged, then individually selected and hand-cut. To ensure freshness and quality, all selections are individually vacuum-sealed, and shipped in a polystyrene container for safe and fresh delivery. At we believe that it is impossible to buy a better steak anywhere at any time. We purchase our beef from the best butchers in Chicago. "Prime" Beef makes up less than two percent of all the beef butchered in the world. At you will only find 100% USDA Prime Beef such as prime sirloin, new  york strip, ribeye, porterhouse and filet mignon. Malone's Steaks makes the perfect gift idea or it could be considered the missing ingredient for the grill out with the family or friends.

California facts and trivia
Beef Hints and Tips Beef, Glorious Beef
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Texas Beef Council
Texas Beef Council links page
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MO Dept. of Ag
 Red Meat Club Online recommendations for gourmet food, wine and luxury gifts.
beef butcher shop. Learn Your Cuts o' Beef!
Beef Chart Where Cuts come From Bite of St. Louis - Middendorf Beef Chart
Beef Recipes
Cuts of Meat Identification
Recipes from Texas Beef Org.
The Certified Angus Beef Program
Buying Beef For The Freezer, HYG-5400-88
Cow by-products from
Beef It's not just for Dinner! -
Laura's Lean Beef ReluctantChef Index
Laura's Lean Beef Great tasting, lean, all natural beef!
Laura's Lean Beef Marinades-Rubs Index
More Than A COW
Steak Trivia for Your Grilling Pleasure -
Canning Meats - the Basics -
Beef.Org -- A Complete Beef Industry Resource
Aging Beef
Pennsylvania Beef Council -- Home Page

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Certified Angus Beef recipes, cooking tips
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MBIC Home (2)
FMD Background
London Broil
Jerky Recipes
The AnswerSleuth's Ground Beef
MBIC Beef Facts
How to Buy Meat
FOCUS ON BEEF . . . from Farm to Table
Irradiated food is safe and will last longer, USDA research confirms
Irradiation of Raw Meat and Poultry Questions and Answers
Keeping a Family Cow author J.S. Grohman's Real Food
Foods That Do Not Freeze Well (2)
The Food Storage FAQs From Misc.Survivalism
USDA Quality Grades Explained
Refreezing Food
Quality and Yield Grades for Beef Carcasses
Food Irradiation - Frequently Asked Questions
Processing Meat in the Home
Retail Meat Cut Selection and Storage

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