Shopping Cart Step-By-Step Instructions

Shopping Cart Step-by-Step Instructions
     View My Order
     Order an Item
     To Check Out
     Shipping Screen
     Billing Screen
     Review Order Screen
     Confirmation of Order Screen
     What Happens Next
Common Errors

View Shopping CartClick on this link from the left border of our pages to...
  • ...see items you added to your electronic Shopping Cart, 
  • ...change quantities, 
  • ...delete items, and to 
  • ...finalize your order.

Before you Check Out (finalize your order), you can go back and forth between your Shopping Cart and the pages on our website.


Regular Check Out Options

Regular Check Out is the standard option. When you click on View My Order and then on Check Out, you will encounter two input screens:
     -Shipping Options ...where and how you want us to ship your order;
     -Billing Options ...who you are, how you'll pay, and a few other questions.
Two additional screens follow:
     -Review Order the entire order before sending;
     -Confirmation Page ...acceptance of the order for processing, and your order number.

Shopping Cart
Step-by-Step Instructions


To order an item......start by clicking on the "Purchase" button underneath  the item you desire.
Your browser will transport a web page at, our credit card processing company, to process your order. This is your electronic Shopping Cart.
You'll see......the item name, price, quantity and subtotal.
To change the quantity......of any item, just change the number in the Quantity box, then click on .
If you change your mind......about any item, click on "Remove" to remove it from your shopping cart.
You can go back to shopping......on our site by clicking on It should take you right back to the page you were on. Or it will return you to our main page; find the page you want in the index or the search box.

From the shopping cart page, provided you didn't alter any information, you can also hit the Back button on your browser to return you to the last page you were on.
Items you placed in the shopping cart......will stay there until you are ready to add to it, or to complete it during your current session.


Review your order......anytime by clicking on  on every page.
If you click......on  when there's nothing in your Shopping Cart, you may need to use the Back button on your browser to return to our web site.
To finalize your order......from one of our web pages, click on . When you arrive at your order, click on .

Screen 1 of Regular Check Out

To enter Shipping instructions...

Choose the shipping address - A street address within the U.S. is needed for USPS to deliver your item. Be sure to include a phone number, in case we  need to contact the receiver to speed delivery.

( If you are purchasing ONLY a Gift Certificate, indicate in the Comments section on the next page:
Gift Certificate by Mail; or
Gift Certificate by UPS. We will adjust the shipping charge accordingly, if necessary, when we receive your order.)

Residence or Business? - Let us know if the shipping address is a residence or a business address. Click in the appropriate box.

Continue With Order or Do Not Order - Before you click the button to , please check what you typed for accuracy. If you change your mind about ordering, or wish to add or subtract items from your order, click on Cancel; you can return to this page later (see Finalize Your Order, above).

When you hit the Continue button, your personal information is submitted in a secure, encrypted fashion.

Screen 2 of Regular Check Out

To enter Billing instructions...

Choose the billing address - If it's the same as the Shipping Address, click on "Same." Otherwise, click on "Other" and complete the information as shown on your credit card statements.
(We accept orders from residents of the areas where we ship. Foreign orders are not accepted at this time.)

Important:  The billing information you enter must match that on your credit card statement. Your bank might decline the transaction if information does not match.

Choose a payment method - Accuracy here is very important, since an incorrect digit will delay your order. We'll call you if we find an error, and we'll e-mail you if we can't reach you by phone.

Payment options are listed in the Credit Card box:
     American Express

Enter your e-mail address, so we can send you a confirmation of your order, as well as to update you as your order is being processed or once it is shipped. We may not ship your order if it contains an invalid e-mail address. (Please double-check your e-mail address for accuracy.)

A Daytime telephone number is helpful, in case we need to get in touch with you quickly. If your order is urgent, we recommend completing this info.

Yes: Place Order or No: Do Not Order - One more chance to Cancel if you changed your mind, or if you want to continue shopping or make changes to items you ordered. Please double check all the info for accuracy, so your order can be processed in a timely manner.

When you click on , your order will be displayed on the next page.

Screen 3 of Regular Check Out

Review Order...Your order is displayed as it was entered.

Please check everything for accuracy - Inaccurate information will create delays.

To make corrections, click on the appropriate  button before proceeding. If you changed your mind, you can still hit Cancel

Screen 4 of Regular Check Out

Your order has been accepted for processing...This is your order, as it was submitted to us.

Take note of your Order Number, which will expedite service when you need to contact us. And triple-check your E-mail address for accuracy.

E-mail us right away with any corrections or alterations.


We'll confirm......receipt of your order by e-mail, automatically generated by the system upon completion of the order form.

(If you don't receive a confirmation, your email address was entered incorrectly; contact us with your order number and the correct info.)
We'll retrieve your order and process it...usually the same or next business day, depending on when you placed your order.   (During the holidays, this time frame may be longer; notice will be provided on our main page.)
We'll notify you by e-mail......about any changes, errors, and our ability to ship in a timely manner.
We'll update you... e-mail through Yahoo's automated Shipping Confirmation Notice, usually sent on the same or next business day from when we ship your order.

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