Prime Rib Roast - Cooked Photograph.

You will need approximately one pound of prime rib per person.

Cooking Prime Rib Tips

Oven should be preheated to 325. Meanwhile rub the rib generously with your seasonings -
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 - and place in a shallow roasting pan.

Place the rib in the oven and roast until the internal temperature is 125 for rare or 135 for medium. This allows for after-cooking.

High heat will tend to dry your meat, give you less yield and produce an unevenly cooked roast. Always allow the meat to rest once it is removed from the oven. Do not carve immediately.

 It's the official time to drag out the grill, burn some meat, drink some drinks, chase kids around and have a great time with friends and family in the backyard.
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Rib Roast - Small End - Raw - Photograph
Small End Rib Roast

Prime Rib Roast - Large End - Raw - Photograph
Large End Rib Roast

Meat Thermometer Readings For Prime Rib Roast

  • Rare: Remove the roast from the oven when your thermometer reads 120 when inserted into the center of the large end of the roast. The smaller end will be slightly more done.
  • Medium-Rare: 125 to 130 in the center of the roast.
  • Cooking by Minute per pound method: (For roasts 6 pounds and up)

    • Rare: 12-13 minutes per pound

    • Medium-rare: 14-16 minutes per pound

    • Medium: 17-20 minutes per pound

    These times are approximate as all ovens cook differently.
    Resting periods:  Allow at least 15 minutes for a 2-4 pound roast
     and 25-30 minutes for 6 pounds and up.

    Our Marinades

    Rosemary Garlic Beef Prime Rib Roast

    1 tablespoon dried rosemary leaves, crushed
    3 garlic cloves, pushed through a press
    3/4 teaspoon salt
    1/4 teaspoon freshly ground pepper
    6 to 7 pound beef prime rib roast

    1. Heat oven to 350
    . Combine rosemary, garlic, salt and pepper in a bowl; press evenly into surface of beef. Arrange roast in a shallow roasting pan. Insert ovenproof meat thermometer so tip is centered in thickest part of beef, not touching bone or resting in fat. Roast 2 1/2 hours for medium-rare (135) or 2 3/4 hours for medium (145). Let stand 15 minutes before cutting into slices.

    2. Add 3/4 cup of water to roasting pan. Place pan over two stovetop burners over medium heat. Scrape up browned bits with a wooden spoon; cook 2-3 minutes for flavors to blend. Strain and serve with beef.

    Servings: 8
    Bake/Cook time: 2 h 25 min
    Carbohydrates: 1 grams
    Net Carbs: 0.5 grams
    Fiber: 0 grams
    Protein: 58 grams
    Fat: 74.5 grams
    Calories: 922

    Mustard Prime Rib

    1 standing rib roast

    2 tablespoons black peppercorns
    2 tablespoons mustard seed
    1/2 cup whole grain mustard
    2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
    2 tablespoons fresh rosemary

    Crush the pepper and mustard seeds. Mix all together into a paste and apply to roast. Let sit overnight.

    Roast at 350 for 15 minutes per pound (or a reading of 130 on a meat thermometer). Let rest for 15 minutes, then carve and enjoy!

    The following basic recipe is for a 4 pound beef rib eye roast,
    also known as a prime rib roast.

    • Combine 2 cloves of garlic, crushed (or use crushed garlic from a jar), 1 tsp. Salt, 1 tsp. Cracked black pepper and 1 tsp. Dried rosemary leaves, crushed. Press evenly onto roast.
    • Place on rack in shallow roasting pan. Insert meat thermometer so bulb is centered in thickest part, not resting in fat. Do not add water or cover.
    • Roast at 350 for 18 to 22 minutes per pound for medium rare to medium doneness. Remove roast when meat thermometer registers 135 F for medium rare, 150 F for medium. Remove roast from oven and let stand for 15 minutes before slicing or serving.
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    Beef Roasting Time Table
    Beef Cut
    Oven Temp.
    Approx. Cooking Time


     Standing Rib Roast
    (Prime Rib)

    4 to 6 lbs.325 F26 to 30 minutes/lb.
    6 to 8 lbs.325 F23 to 25 minutes/lb.
    8 to 10 lbs.325 F19 to 21 minutes/lb.


     Ribeye Roast, boneless
    (Prime Rib)

    3 to 4 lbs.350 F23 to 30 minutes/lb.
    4 to 6 lbs.350 F18 to 20 minutes/lb.
    8 to 10 lbs.350 F13 to 15 minutes/lb.


     Round Tip Roast

    2 1/2 to 4 lbs.325 F30 to 35 minutes/lb.
    4 to 6 lbs.325 F25 to 30 minutes/lb.
    8 to 10 lbs.325 F18 to 22 minutes/lb.

     Tenderloin Roast

    2 to 3 lbs.425 F35 to 40 minutes total time
    4 to 6 lbs.425 F45 to 60 minutes total time

    Top Loin

    4 to 6 lbs.325 F17 to 21 minutes/lb.

    Strip Loin Roast

    6 to 8 lbs.325 F14 to 17 minutes/lb.

    Top Sirloin Roast

    2 to 4 lbs.350 F16 to 20 minutes/lb.


     Top Round Roast
    (London Broil)

    2 1/2 to 4 lbs.325 F25 to 30 minutes/lb.
    4 to 6 lbs.325 F20 to 25 minutes/lb.
    6 to 10 lbs.325 F17 to 19 minutes/lb.

    Tri-Tip Roast

    1 1/2 to 2 lbs.425 F30 to 40 minutes total time

    Eye Round Roast

    2 to 3 lbs.325 F1 1/2 to 1 3/4 hrs. total time

    Front Quarter Rib Cuts

    Interactive Beef Front Quarter Cuts

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