With over 53 years experience......we know how to process your deer to your specifications! We've been processing deer longer than any business in Cape Girardeau County.
 We began operating in 1949!

I've worked at the plant since I was in Grade School.  I will personaly take care of your deer order for you.  The "BUCK" Stopes Here!  I personally (Craig Meyer, Plant Manager, over 30 years experience) handle every deer myself!
 We don't just let anyone take care of your deer.  We take pride in our work!

Many deer processors now even require up to a $100 deposit!  Yikes!  If we don't trust you, you won't trust us.  We DO NOT require a $25 deposit.  We don't ask for any deposit.  To us, you are more than just a stranger.  We believe in treating our customers like our friends.  We trust in YOU!

Extra! Extra!  We are planning on accepting credit cards for 2002 Deer Season.  We ACCEPT checks.  We feel that if you trust us with your deer processing,
we will trust you by accepting your check!

As long as we are open - we will process your deer.  We take in deer ANY TIME OF THE YEAR, not just during Bow and Rifle Season!

It's all included in your $15.00 skinning fee.  No one else does this!  We DO NOT charge extra for skinning your deer for a shoulder or head mount!
 Many deer processors charge an EXTRA $16.50 fee for this! 
And if you want your deer hide back, no problem. Many deer processors charge an EXTRA $11.50 fee for this!  There is NO extra charge for this here.

For any present deer processing customers of ours, we offer later call-in hours for you!  Just call and ask us about this!  We accept deer during Rifle Season from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday.
 And on Sundays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.  Compare our times to other deer processors!

FREE!  FREE!!  FREE!!  We DO NOT charge extra for boxes.  We are not a self service business. 
We will box up your deer meat and carry it to your car.  NO extra charge!

Our deer sausage and snack sticks are mixed in 100 lb batches.  We just do too many thousands of pounds to keep sausage orders seperate - but we will keep your order seperate if you have enough deer for a 100 lb. order of sausage.  Fresh Meat received is your very own.
 It's been that way since we opened, and will always be that way!

Our bone pick-up fee usually goes up each year.  We try to keep our prices as low as possible, but sometimes it is neccessary to increase our prices.  There is no EXTRA bone disposal fee.  That is included in the processing bill.

For complete information on our Deer Processing, Click Here!