Beef Cuts Nutritional Values and other Common Food Nutritional Values

Beef Calories for 3 oz. cooked portion.  Eye of Round - 170 calories.  Top Round Steak - 180 calories.  Sirloin Tip Roast - 190 calories.  Sirloin Steak - 210 calories.  Top Loin Steak - 230 calories.  Filet Mignon - 240 calories.  Chuck Pot Roast - 260 calories.


More Information About Beef Nutrition

FoodPortion SizeCaloriesTotal FatSaturated Fat
Ground Beef-Lean4 oz.31720.07.7
Ground Beef-Regular4 oz.33122.08.7
NY Strip Steak4 oz.25913.15.2
T-Bone Steak4 oz.24511.94.8
Fried Chicken Breasts4 oz.29814.74.0
Fried Chicken Leg4 oz.19517.64.8
Other Common Foods:
Grilled Cheese Sandwich3 slices15828.08.4
Peanut Butter Sandwich4 tbsp.38018.75.6
Cheese Pizza2 slices37610.05.5
Milk1 cup15017.05.1
French FriesMedium32017.03.5
Butter2 pats7016.65.0
Sour Cream1/2 cup1241.7.5
Mayonnaise2 tbsp.20022.03.4
Mustard/Catsup2 tbsp.300.00.0
Salad Dressing - Regular1 tbsp.858.01.5
Salad Dressing - Low Fat1 tbsp.252.0.2
Snicker Bar128014.05.0
Ice Cream - Regular1 cup27029.68.9
Popcorn - Regular1 cup456.72.0

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