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Rib Roast, bone in

4 to 6 lbs.

Roast 325

23-25 min./lb.
27-30 min./lb.
32-34 min./lb.

Medium rare 145
Medium 160
Well done 170

Rib Roast,
boneless rolled

4 to 6 lbs.

Roast 325

Add 5-8 min./lb. to times above

Same as above

Chuck Roast, Brisket

3 to 4 lbs.

*Braise 325

2 to 3 hours

Medium 160

Round or Rump Roast

2 to 4 lbs.

Roast 325

30-35 min./lb.
35-40 min./lb.

Medium rare 145
Medium 160

Tenderloin, whole
See How to Save on Buying Filet Mignon

4 to 6 lbs.
2 to 3 lbs.

Roast 425

45-60 min. total
35-45 min. total

Medium rare 145
Medium 160


" thick


4-5 min. per side
6-7 min. per side

Medium rare 145
Medium 160

Stew or Shank
Cross Cuts

1 to

Cover with liquid; simmer

2 to 3 hours

Medium 160

Short Ribs

4" long and 2" thick

*Braise 325

1 to 2 hours



Don't forget to order your Notebook Size Meat Cutting Charts (pictured below) to use as a handy reference guide to ALL the beef cuts available!

 These charts are extremely useful if you cut your own beef or just want to know what options you have at the Butcher Shop or Grocery Store Meat Department!

beefchart51201.gif (91883 bytes)

Beef Chart - Beef Cuts. A chart just like this used to hang in our lobby in the 1960's and 1970's!  This chart is 8 inches by 10 inches on plain paper.

The NEW "Beef Made Easy" Cutting Chart.  Released April 10, 2005

This is a 8 X 10 inch chart printed on glossy paper.  It is the same chart as the "Purchasing Pork" Poster Chart.

This 1950's Era Pork Cutting Chart is 8 X 10 inch printed on plain paper.


If you found this page interesting, you may also want to look at the following pages:

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Flat Iron Steak

Photographic Guide to the Doneness of Beef Steaks

 It's the official time to drag out the grill, burn some meat, drink some drinks, chase kids around
 and have a great time with friends and family in the backyard.
 Order your Spicecraft Prime Steak and Beefburger Seasoning Today!

Spicecraft Prime Steak and Beefburger Seasoning
Formerly called Witts Prime Rib Rub.  6.75 oz. Jar.


We have a FREE PDF article on "Recommended Cooking Times and Methods for Beef".  To view it, just click here.

If you would rather download the FREE PDF "Recommended Cooking Times and Methods for Beef" article and save it to your computer, just right click here., and choose "Save Target As"

Get Adobe Acrobat Reader Free.You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this file.
If don't have it already on your computer,
you can download from the Adobe website by clicking here.

Click Here for temperature charts, with photographs, for doneness of beef steaks.

These are Internal Temperature readings.  Insert thermometer in thickest part of the steak, making sure not to touch the bone. View the PDF Article below to learn how to use a meat thermometer correctly!

We have a FREE PDF article on "How To Use A Meat Thermometer".  To view it, just click here.

If you would rather download the FREE PDF "How To Use A Meat Thermometer" article and save it to your computer, just right click here., and choose "Save Target As"

Get Adobe Acrobat Reader Free.You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this file.
If don't have it already on your computer,
you can download from the Adobe website by clicking here.

Cooking Frozen Beef

Beef may be cooked frozen or defrosted. Defrosted beef should be cooked as a fresh cut; but allow additional cooking time. Frozen roasts require 1/3 to 1/2 more time for cooking. Cooking time for frozen steaks and patties varies according to surface area, thickness, and broiling temperature. Frozen cuts should be broiled farther from the heat so they do not brown too quickly. To braise frozen pot roasts, allow approximately the same cooking time as for defrosted cuts.

Defrosting Beef

Frozen beef my be defrosted before or during cooking. It should be defrosted in the original wrapping in the refrigerator. Defrosting meat at room temperature is not a recommended procedure. The following is a timetable for defrosting frozen beef in a refrigerator:

Large roast 4-7 hours (per pound)
Small roast 3-5 hours (per pound)
Steak, one-inch thick 12-14 hours



Steak Lovers Cookbook

Rump. Loin. Skirt. Hoof. Chuck. Flank. Butt. Sometimes it's hard to tell whether food journalist Rice gets greater pleasure from writing these meaty monosyllables or from eating the cuts of beef they name.  The book is divided into sections devoted to the various cuts of beef, beginning with the tenderloin (and the filets into which it is often cut) and closing with the cheaper cuts like chuck.

Tips for Cooking Any Steak

  • To test for doneness, press the meat with your finger. Rare meat will be soft and wobbly, medium will have a springy firmness and well done will feel very firm and unyielding.

  •  A steak will cook a little after you remove it from the grill or oven, so stop broiling when the steak tests slightly less done than desired.

  • For great results every time, use an instant read kitchen thermometer. Insert the thermometer in the thickest part of your steak, hamburger or chops away from any bone or marbling. Thermometer readings should be: 120F to 125F for rare; 130F to 135F. for medium rare and 140F to 145F for medium.

  •  Although steaks are optimum in flavor and texture when cooked to no more than medium doneness, some people prefer their steaks well done. The internal temperature for medium well steak is 155F and well done 160F.

  • Keep in mind that overcooking causes greater shrinkage and decreased tenderness.

  • Turn your steak when the meat juices start to bubble up through the meat to the top of the steak.

Here's a guide to help you cook your dishes to perfection. It's important to make sure your food is the proper temperature inside and out.

Use the following temperature guide to see if your food is thoroughly cooked.



We Only Sell Products That We Use - So YOU Only Buy The BEST Products!

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